Friday, May 24, 2013

Double Ruffle Skirt

Double ruffle skirt: before and after

One morning a couple of weeks ago I brought the kids to school wearing this skirt (along with my refashioned leggings) as it had been when my sister had given it to me a few years ago, but it was suddenly completely unwearable as it was. So I went back home and gave it a face-lift, cutting off a bit and adding a double ruffle so that you could see the previously hidden lining, too. When I went to pick the kids back up from school, I now had a cool "new" skirt that looked and felt great!

Pink Skirt + Ruffle

In a nutshell, I cut off the length that I wanted for the ruffle and then the amount I wanted to shorten the skirt by on the exterior fabric.

Pink Skirt + Ruffle

Then I did the same for the lining the same way. I wanted some of the lining to peek out from underneath, so I cut it a little longer than the exterior fabric (and I later further shortened it).

Pink Skirt + Ruffle

I gathered the two strips of fabric and serged them onto the cut edges of the skirt, flipping around the lining ruffle so that the nice side of the seam would be visible instead of the back part.

Pink Skirt + Ruffle

And there she is! Much cuter, lighter and more twirly fun! Full tutorial can be found on my blog.


Hanne said...

Great refashion, the shirt is much better after.

Zom said...

Very cute. Aren't you clever.

cucicucicoo said...

Thanks! I agree, it's much more wearable after!

Erica Louise said...

Big improvement, looks so much better! Did anyone notice the difference on school pick up?! :)

Erica, Editor on Duty

cucicucicoo said...

Ha ha! If anyone noticed, nobody said anything!

Huli said...

love the refashioned skirt soo much more very cool :)

cucicucicoo said...

Thanks, Huli! I totally agree, it's way better like this!